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OptionQueen is based on a strong network, the expertise of a unified team and the performances of the best technology for an efficient and constructive practice of finance. Take advantage of our access to the global finance market and to a large variety of stock market products to create a professional trading strategy.


Safety and transparency

With a strong and impeccable policy of transparency, OptionQueen allows its traders to have at their disposal a continuous access to the details of their transactions. As well as a direct access to a team of financial advisors to guide them and give them the answers and solutions they need. Our platform which is at the cutting edge of technology insures the protection of the privacy of their personal information and secures their assets and data.

Trading Binary Options on OptionQueen

The Choice of Asset

- Choose an asset is our catalog on the stock market, raw materials, currency pair and index

- Follow the instructions given to benefit of the best offers

Select a period and the amount of your investment

- The periods spread from a minute to a year. The minimum amount is $25.

- Do not hesitate to diversify your trade

Confirm your estimation

- Click on « Call » If you estimate that the value will increase from its current value.

- Click on « Put » If you estimate the value will decrease from its current value.

- Use your knowledge and the elements of your training as well the pieces of advice and information given by OptionQueen to make reasoned and documented decisions.


excellence in binary options trading

In order to meet the more and more specific demands of our customers, we have elaborated different trading account just like there is different profiles of trader. Each type of account comes with a series of devices and specific privileges to improve trading conditions and better develop our traders’ potential, from novice to expert in market finance.

Organized by amount deposited, our types of account also include the follow elements:

  • A full access to our asset catalog

    OptionQueen has been trading for many years now in finance markets to offer a full range of asset at best rate to our customers.

  • Bonus

    With all our account our customers benefit of an immediate trading bonus the moment they subscribe. That bonus consists of a deposit equivalent to the percentage of initial deposit and allows our traders to benefit of a quicker and better liquidity. For instance, in the case of a deposit of 5000 euros with a 35% bonus your trading account would be credited of an extra amount of 1750euros.

  • Training

    We proudly launch our access to modern finance policy. Our traders’ training is taken very seriously. We offer our customers the access to a real training center which uses different complementary devices such as video tutorials, e-books and webinars. All this contents are identified and organized accordingly to our traders’ skill levels. Beginners and more experienced traders will benefit of individualized programs and a personal advisor who will have the task to guide and adapt their educational contents as the trader progresses.

  • Support

    A series of additional and necessary measures to access trading training. We set up a technical and theoretical support which seemed crucial to help our customers. Every trader who opens an OptionQueen account can benefit of a personal advisor who will evaluate his needs, answer all his questions and lead him to the decisions and goals while helping him get better results.

  • Interest

    Each amount of deposit (except the initiation account) benefits of a yearly interest on the total capital.

  • Protected funds

    Our customerssafety is also one of our main prerogative. Here is why when a deposit reaches 2500 euros or more, additional security measures are taken to guarantee our customers that their capital remains intact as well as their transactions.

  • Cash withdrawal

    When an account is created (except a basic or initiation account) it allows our customers to withdraw easily their earnings.

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